Software Freedom Conservancy

@conservancy is organizing the first FOSSY conference in Portland Oregon and I am a speaker!

I will be talking about my experience daily driving #postmarketOS with #sxmo for the last 3 years and my current setup using SDM845 devices.

I am excited to meet up with my FOSS friends!

I wish I had more time to plan a trip to Portland. That's okay. Some day I will live closer to the places where cool things happen. Haha
@conservancy @martijnbraam

@anjan @conservancy Sounds great! Will there be a video?

@proycon Yup! @conservancy will be posting a video of the talk 😀

@anjan @conservancy this is great news! and in my hometown too. i'm out of town starting the 15th, so i won't be able to see your presentation in person, but i'll be there the 13th and 14th

@anjan @conservancy is the video still not up?

@fell @anjan We just got the videos up! You can see our blog post here: