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Software Freedom Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) public charity that acts as a non-profit home for Free, Libre, and Open Source Software projects.

Our first donor matcher interview for the fundraising season is up!
We talked with Justin W. Flory about why he donates to @conservancy and how he got into FOSS.

@pono reflects on his work in FOSS and how #GivingTuesday provides an opportunity to reconnect people to our mission:

Our expertise in license compliance, source code review and the legal intricacies of FOSS are just one facet of what you support when you donate to our organization. Until January 15th, all donations will be matched up to $104,759, so be sure to donate and support software freedom:

This amicable settlement showed that our The Principles of Community-Oriented GPL Enforcement are useful for all parties in resolving licensing issues. Thanks to the team at @stockfishchess for all their hard work and we wish them the best of luck with their newly appointed Free Software Compliance Officer.

@conservancy was named as a trusted party for source code review in the recent settlement case of Stockfish

Friends! It's time to become a Sustainer (or renew!) with @conservancy. I really hate fundraising, but I *am* super proud of the groundbreaking work we do - check out a summary in the Year in Review section on

Chances are if you follow me you care about . SFC is a small org pursuing all of the ways we think we can improve the state of our technology and it's not rhetoric when we say we can't do the work without you...

This is a very interesting idea! Something like identifying historical bubbles of failure so we could learn from them.
And agreed, migration with Mastodon has been a much easier process that if we designed system to have, could alleviate a lot of the stress and work of these consolidated options.

We also need to learn from this new influx of users about what they expect from their software.

How can we use this momentum to make other changes to peoples lives with the introduction of software freedom principles?

And how can we use this learning moment to build resilience for the next proprietary software crisis?

In our ongoing mission to grow and represent both our community of software freedom activists, as well as the wider community of all technology users, we want to know how we improve.

Classically people have recommended the only way to truly trust your data sovereignty was to run the hardware, software and maintenance all by yourself. But this needlessly excludes people without the technical knowhow to do so.

What are ways we can make decentralized, privacy and rights focused software easier to use?

We're so happy to be back on the Fediverse (from a different instance)! ActivityPub and Mastodon provide a vital space and open standard for social media.

We decided to use @support to provide us with our own instance so we can use our own domain (and be in control of our data). It's so great to see that so many people on their own or shared instances. One of the great things about free software is the ability to host it yourself or have someone you trust do it for you.

We're curious, if you moved over from Twitter recently, if there was anything precipitating the migration away that could've prompted you to move before now?

Until January 15th, all donations (yearly and monthly Sustainerships included!) will be matched up to $104,750! You can donate or become a yearly sustainer here:

Over the next couple weeks we'll tell you more about how your contributions help sustain our organization and directly fund free software development and advocacy. We'll also be posting some interviews with our matchers about why they support us.

This year has been a big one for us and we're so excited to share all the amazing work we've done this year

We've been challenged $104,750 in matching donations from some very generous donors this year!

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