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Software Freedom Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) public charity that acts as a non-profit home for Free, Libre, and Open Source Software projects.

Relatedly, as an effort to help corporate teams better respond to copyleft compliance, we are recommending that companies create a "Copyleft Compliance Incident Response Team" (CCIRT). An area that often falls in between the cracks of engineering, support, and legal teams; a dedicated team responsible for handling the obligations of copyleft compliance will help both end users contact and get the source they are entitled to, and help companies be streamlined in handling licensing and distribution of their copyleft products. You can read more about our suggestions here:

As you may have seen at @fosdem this past weekend, we announced a new community tool for fixing GPL compliance issues: Use The Source. We encourage people to upload, share, and comment on source code candidates for products which run copylefted software so we can find out which products (and companies) give us the required software right to repair, and which ones still need work. Join us and help improve things for everyone!

“I don’t want money to compensate for infringement of my license, I want every user to have the freedom that I granted them by publishing software.” — Bradley M. Kuhn @conservancy

Announcing "Use The Source"

Use The Source is an elegant collaborative platform for users to catalog, find and test source code candidates for real products to verify their reproducibility and reinstallability. Users can discuss whether their device's software is repairable, so they know if the device can be fixed or updated, especially to fix security vulnerabilities or otherwise adapt it to their needs.

"Copyleft licenses are primarily about your rights, as a downstream user who wants to modify/recompile/reinstall your software, not about the “rights” of copyright holder.

You are a third-party beneficiary of the licensing terms."

"Copyleft is quixotic, copyleft is rebellion."

"The history of copyleft as an activist strategy can only be understood through the lens of 20 years of cooption of FOSS into mainstream tech."

Ready for our Policy Fellow and Hacker in Residence Bradley M. Kuhn's main track talk titled "Copyleft and the GPL: Finding the Path Forward to Defend our Software Right to Repair"!

Happy first day of #FOSDEM! You can come see us in K building level 2. And don't miss the @outreachy keynote starting in 15 minutes on the main track!

With your help we achieved our record $161,729 match fund in time! 🥳 🎉 That's $325,400 to support the work we do to for software rights and digital freedom. Thank you all!

Only $358 left... so close to the finish line. *YOU* could be the one to tip us over the line and make our match 🥳 Thank you all so much for making our work possible, we couldn't do it without you!!


Less than $5,000 to go, we're so close to completing our match. Just a few hours left to get your donation doubled 🤩 to support software freedom. Any amount helps, so if it's within your means, please consider donating today!

The scale of what @conservancy is able to accomplish given it's resources is truly impressive. I personally really appreciate the support they provide to their member projects. I bet most people on fedi would recognize at least a few names:

$5,883 left to match! All donations for the rest of the day are doubled. And if you become a Sustainer, you'll receive our limited edition 2024 tshirt designed by @niktrip

You can proudly represent your support for software freedom for all of 2024!!

At the conference last year, I learned about the important work @conservancy does for the community.

So, I decided to be an annual sustainer this year.

They're really close to their goal this year and the matching program ends today. If you've got the spare cash, think about donating.

@conservancy is very close to their fundraising goal. But only have today to reach it. Please help them reach their goal, so they can help us all get even more Software Freedom this year.

They did a fantastic job of being the fiscal sponsor of @sourceware. Thanks! And they are the fiscal sponsor of a lot of essential Free Software projects.

We've got just $6,759 left to go! Time to dig into the couch cushions, cup holders and CD-ROM drives for change. Every dollar helps immensely and we're so close to our goal!


I'm most proud about @conservancy that we just keep doing concrete things to improve the state of software freedom. We do a lot of advocacy and philosophy, but *talk is, as they say, cheap. We don't necessarily do the best job of promoting our work because we're so focused on the *doing*, but every month it's more and more, from writing to government agencies, to supporting our member projects, to our law suit to supporting @outreachy internships.

Fediverse! You've done an incredible job getting our number down to $12,233! Can we raise that today? I think we can!

We don't have tote bags or mugs, but we do have t-shirts for our Sustainers, and, most importantly, every donation is a step forward for ! We are a lean organization - no development staff, just people who care so much about free software that work as hard as we can to make real incremental progress every day for this cause.

I could boost @karen once again today, but I want to personally endorse Software Freedom Conservancy. IMHO, it's one of the best organizations for supporting free/open software today.

I'm a proud supporter, and if you make use of FOSS (and I guess you probably do if you're reading this), and you have a little cash, this is a good way to go.

They are currently raising funds on for a matching-funds offer, and are close to their goal:

You can read an interview with one of our matching funders here, Eli (and Oliver the baby born during FOSSY!) Voigt:

The real perk is the cute picture of Oliver 🥰