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The first video from #FOSSY is out! 🎉 If you have been following our writing, you know our Policy Fellow Bradley M. Kuhn wrote about the recent RHEL policy change. As a continuation of that discussion, he led a keynote panel at the conference to discuss the issue with representatives from AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux and Oracle.

You can view the video and more information here:

@conservancy That was a very good panel, thank you!

I think the pile on on Red Hat is well deserved but Oracle should be called out on their stuff, I'm afraid. They are not the good guys by any stretch of the imagination and it seems people are forgetting this at the moment.

Red Hat made a move that I don't think they really understand the consequences and it's showing how people are not only confused but feeling deeply betrayed.

@conservancy very interesting video! I was honestly sad when it was over..

@conservancy Conspicuously absent were representatives from Debian & Ubuntu... 😂