Software Freedom Conservancy

At #FOSSY, Denver Gingerich explains cultural changes needed to improve acceptance of those who make abnormal but important choices for their privacy & software rights. Denver posed with his preferred โ€œphoneโ€ โ€” which generates no e-waste (it's compostable!) & does not have the typical anti-features most modern phones have.

@conservancy what was the phone? Just pencil and paper?

@conservancy that's bananas!

@baconandcoconut @conservancy I was wondering what was up with all the bananas when I walked by the room!

Many people, counting me, are now desiring to NOT being tracked in every aspect of their life so they get rid of smartphones.


Molte persone, tra cui io, desiderano NON essere tracciate in ogni aspetto della loro vita e quindi si liberano degli smartphone.



is there a video available anywhere ?

looks interesting. I also stand against smartphones for privacy reasons and don't have one. I generally dislike phones at all for reasons of wasting my time by other people and rarely carry a phone and don't answer calls not from my contact list that is quite short. so basically I use phone only for SMS from bank and rarely - for calling a taxi. I don't think that thinking about privacy and saving spare time is "abnormal". abnormal is turning people's life in eternal chattering.